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"I thought being active and living in moderation was the key to wellness. I have since learned that self compassion is foundational to being well."
~ Lauryn Sires

Lauryn Sires, MS, PMA-CPT Pilates | Wellness

What is Pilates?

It is a movement and exercise methodology created by Joseph Pilates. His wife Clara was instrumental in working with clients. The first generation teachers are called elders. The majority of the work has been passed down via word of mouth.

Get Centered

Whether we realize it, our “powerhouse” or core engages, and movement is initiated. Pilates helps to create awareness of moving from our centers and sculpts lean, long body. Movement is more stable, fluid and strong, thus supporting an active lifestyle at any age. Modifications for musculoskeletal issues – makes this a perfect exercise method for rehab and reeducation. Many physical therapists use Pilates in their work.

Learn to Breath

“Breathing is the first act of life and the last. Our very life depends on it,” said Joe. And Pilates uses breath to create movement, mindfully and with power. Breathing, Pilates style, also teaches the full use of your lung capacity.

Find Wellness

I began my Pilates education over 12 years ago. It was a conscious move to a healthier more balanced lifestyle. I left a stressed out corporate existence that no longer served me. I first completed the Power Pilates educational program. From there I have gone on to work with many other elders, master teachers and hugely gifted teachers. I earned my Pilates Method Alliance – Certified Pilates Trainer credential in 2012.

My wellness practice grew from my Pilates practice. My interest in Pilates started with mindful movement, breath and eliminating knee issues. When diagnosed with cancer, it became my physical rehabilitation plan as well as meditation, healthy eating, aerobic training and a daily practice of gratitude.

Healthy Services for You

I support cancer survivors (Team Survivor Austin), clients with scoliosis, joint and back issues, pre and post pregnancy and those who just want a good workout. I teach at the Hills Health & Wellness Center or at your home.