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"Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom."
~Viktor E. Frankl

About Lauryn

Through the transformative experience of breast cancer I learned that health and wellness is a gift you give yourself - mind, body and spirit. I sailed through a double mastectomy and reconstruction using my own tissue (DIEP flap). I was walking on day 2 and left the hospital on day 4 - drainless. My medical team was astounded. While my focus contributed greatly to my recovery, so did my Pilates and aerobic conditioning. Empowered by what many would consider a setback in life, I undertook a reevaluation of other aspects of my lifestyle–my eating habits, stress management, finances and relationships. I now eat kale and have made many other adjustments. For me, my lifestyle has become my medicine!

I am a lifelong learner, starting with an ideal childhood that nurtured an active mind and body. Growing up in Madison, WI we were free to roam. Summers, I played hide and seek and tag with all the neighborhood kids. Winters, we skated on the lake and built a sled and toboggan run 5 lots long, moguls and all. Then I discovered horses – first western, then hunter / jumper and finally dressage. I skied, hiked, biked and danced into my college years and beyond. After years of step aerobics, a repetitive injury introduced me to Pilates—an exercise methodology. I loved Pilates because it made me feel balanced and strong. In fact, I completed a certification in 2004 so I could teach it. In 2010 I added a WellCoach® certification to round out my skill set.

My Wellness Coaching and Pilates training credentials are strengthened by an educational background grounded in science and business.  A BS degree in Zoology (Animal Biology) and an MS in Business – Healthcare Finance from the University of Wisconsin – Madison lead to a 25 year career in the healthcare industry. I left the healthcare industry for wellness in 2003.

I happily live in Austin, Texas. My two bright, independent, beautiful daughters are making their marks in Las Vegas and Santa Cruz. I also have a strong and stable partner, Paul, who is a positive and loving force in my life.

Deskercise: Pilates Push-Ups

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I have had the pleasure of working with Lauryn through the International Coaching Federation - Austin Chapter. However, recently I engaged her for her Wellness coaching. Lauryn's expertise in Wellness Coaching is second to none! She is direct yet gentle, educational and extremely encouraging.
I would highly recommend Lauryn for those who are ready to become a better version of themselves.
Mary K Dunn
Executive Coach, Corporate Trainer, Professional Speaker


Lauryn Sires, BS, MS

  • Certified Wellness Coach
  • PMA-Certified Pilates Trainer
  • Speaker


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