Lauryn Sires, BSc, MS, Wellness Coach | Speaker | Pilates

"Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom."
~Viktor E. Frankl

About Lauryn

My work life started in the business of healthcare or what I now refer to as the business of illness. Traditionally, healthcare has been about intervening when a patient becomes sick. The system just isn't designed to care for the whole person; it only addresses the most recent presenting problem or symptom.

Although I chose healthcare because of a desire to help others, the end result was burnout. I went down in flames! Then, six years after burnout, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and learned it had been growing slowly and had been missed for 6-8 years! OMG, could stress be a contributor?

Through this transformative experience, I learned that health and wellness is a gift you give yourself. Movement and exercise is a great start but not the whole story. Because of my great physical health I sailed through a huge surgery. My medical team was astounded.

While my focus contributed greatly to my recovery, so did my physical conditioning. Empowered by what many would consider a setback in life, I chose to reevaluate everything about my lifestyle –my eating habits, stress management, sleep, finances and relationships. I was committed to have something good come from this experience. And what I found was that my lifestyle has become my medicine!

For the past decade, I've dedicated myself to providing wellness services – keeping bodies and minds healthy. I began with a certification in Pilates and grew into being a Certified WellCoach.

This work feeds me as much as my clients. It fulfills a passion I have for helping those who want to get more active, fit and healthy, mind and body, so they can have the life they envision. There is no better achievement then helping my clients get what they want and feel fulfilled in their pursuits.