Lauryn Sires, Health & Wellness Coach

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"For many years, I kept adding more and more to my "plate". I thought I could handle everything, all by myself. I didn't know when to ask for help. Do you?."
~ Lauryn Sires

Lauryn Sires, M.S. Professional Health & Wellness Coach

Choosing Burnout?

Fast-paced change is the new norm for corporate executives and professionals. You constantly need to do more with less, learn new skills, demonstrate your leadership potential, and then get rewarded with more responsibilities! I know. I have over 25 years of experience in healthcare and information technology – two of the most volatile industries where stress and stress induced diseases are rampant.

So while you are adapting to your ever-changing job description, exactly who is caring for you? What do you need to tame your frazzled lifestyle into one that purrs?

Have you ever thought "if I add one more thing to my schedule, it will be the thing that pushes me over the edge?" What if I could show you how to change your thinking to allow all that you want and need into your life? What if I could help you feel less burdened, more in-balance, and more productive than ever. What if?

Change your brain & Thrive!

You do have the time in your busy schedule to add burnout busting practices if you have the knowhow. By exercising your brain in specific ways, you can create new neural pathways that generate new thought processes to support change at any age. What would it mean to you if you woke refreshed and energized? What if you could do that by incorporating healthy, balanced practices throughout your productive day?

As a Wellness Professional, I can help exercise your brain to gain new awareness. By realigning your time and energy you become the whole, balanced person you want to be. Request a complimentary discovery session and see how I can help you get moving.